On December 11, 2016, Mount Carmel Christian Church voted to adopt the by-laws of Coastal City Church. This means that we have officially merged our congregation with this church and its vision.  The next few months will be spent in preparation for our RELAUNCH in Spring 2017!  Throughout this website, you’ll discover all the ways we are designing a new church for you.

We’re Glad You’re Here

You may be a seasoned Christ follower or someone still trying to decide what you believe about God and Jesus. Regardless of what you have done or who you currently are, we believe God wants more for you than from you. Like Jesus, we welcome you where you are and care too much to let you stay there.  Also like God, we will never try to pressure you to grow; we simply make the invitation and provide the resources for you to grow all the time.

What We Have For You

Connections Track

Want the most out of your life? Learn how to follow Jesus, connect to the church, discover your purpose and make a difference with your life.


We want to equip you to grow; we don’t want to tell you what to do. Discover articles, eBooks and more already paid for by those who give to Coastal City Church.

Small Groups

Our groups change up 3 times a year and include several kinds: activities, service, recovery, study and more. Learn about your first group here. (Available 2017)

Join The Journey – Make A Difference

Launch Team

We are building a team of 35 adults. Be part of creating a safe place where your friends and family searching for identity, purpose, and hope can discover who they are in Jesus and give Him leadership of their lives.


Reaching people far from God is within your REACH.  We invite you to prayerfully consider joining our other donors to support the relaunch of this church.  Our donors give monthly or one-time.  Any and all amounts are appreciated.


We want to seek God’s guidance and favor in planting Coastal City Church. You can join us in praying for the training of the launch team members, and financial provision.

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