A new church in Virginia Beach for people who don't like church. Coastal City Church in Virginia Beach is a weeknight church in Virginia BeachWhile several traditional church goers might scuff at the idea of a weeknight church in Virginia Beach, many more connect with the idea once they hear the rationale behind an early weekend church service.

Imagine This


Most of us have some kind of recurring obligation on our calendars at the same time every week.

For some, it’s a job.  For some, it’s a kid’s gymnastic’s practice.  For the rest of us, it’s _____________________ (fill in the blank).

Now imagine, that there was an event that happened at that exact same time as your obligation that was the key to your life being free and full.

Both the obligation and the event are critical.  You need both.

So what do you do?

Something has to be rescheduled, right?

But, the obligation can’t be.  You are OBLIGATED to that time and place,

Another option then would be to find the event offered at a different time.

But, you soon discover, that the event isn’t ever available live at a different time.  I mean, sure…you can watch a video that was recorded of the event. But, you can never attend the event in person, therefore, you can’t get everything the event has to offer.

This would be frustrating.  And, potentially devastating.

This is the reality for more than 80,000 people in Virginia Beach when it comes to church.

A Sunday Workforce


We’ve been told that 80,000 people work full time on Sunday mornings in Virginia Beach.  And, currently, there is no church offering a complete “Sunday” style church experience during the week.

This is one of the driving factors behind our decision to launch as a “weeknight church in Virginia Beach church.

Other Sunday “No-Goers”


In addition to the 80,000 people who work every Sunday, there are a couple other people groups that a church on the weekend isn’t set up to reach every week.

  1.  40% of families have children who alternate between living in two different homes on the weekends because of shared custody.  A lot of these families have expressed interest in a Thursday Night church service because, as they say, “we can go to church together every week.”
  2. I estimate that there are AT LEAST another 80,000 people in Virginia Beach (population 450,000) who can BUT won’t go to any church on a Sunday morning.  There are a number of reasons this could be true of someone. And to them, their reason is valid.  But, offer a church on a Thursday night, with a DJ, in a neutral place (aka, not a church), and the percentage chance these people check out church goes up.  And, I believe it goes up dramatically.

In short, as a church, we are all about connecting the unconnected.  In fact, our mission statement reads; “We exist to EQUIP people to connect with God, connect with others, and connect others with God.”

Weekend Churches In Virginia Beach We Recommend


Currently, on Sunday mornings in Virginia Beach, if you want to and you can go to church….you can find one that you’ll like and that will help you become everything you are meant to be.

In fact, we’d recommend you check out the following churches.  Each is very different from one another.  But, we know the leadership of each church and know that they are great people, teaching the truth, and committed to helping people like you find a church home.

  1. Grace Bible Church
  2. Forefront Church
  3. LifeHouse Church Virginia Beach
  4. Salt Church
  5. Shadowlawn
  6. And, another church launching on Sunday’s in January; Cornerstone Virginia Beach

If You Can’t Go To Church On The Weekend


It’s okay.

After all, a weeknight church in Virginia Beach isn’t for everyone and a weekend church isn’t for everyone either.

So, if you can’t or won’t go to church on Sunday….Coastal City Church is starting for you.

If you’d like to know more, follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook so you’ll know when we launch so you can check it out.

Do You Care About Someone Far From God Who Won’t Or Can’t Go To Church On Sunday?


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Join The Adventure Of Starting A Weeknight Church In Virginia Beach


We are looking for people who love Jesus and want to make Him famous.

IF YOU LIVE IN VIRGINIA BEACH – Regardless if you attend a church, have never attended, use to attend, or are between churches; consider joining the launch team.   Please know, if you already attend a church….DON’T STOP.  And, don’t even think of tithing at Coastal City Church. Keep tithing at your home church.  However, join our launch team for 12 months on Thursday nights.  Contact us here and Eric, Coastal City Church’s lead pastor, will meet with you to answer any questions you have.

IF YOU LIVE IN OR OUTSIDE OF VIRGINIA BEACH – Want to join the adventure of starting a church that is positioning itself to reach people no other church in Virginia Beach is set up to reach but can’t serve on Thursday night?  Check out Project REACH (HINT: You gotta watch the video on the Project REACH page that was shot from the top of the tallest building in Virginia Beach)

IF YOU LIVE IN OR OUTSIDE OF VIRGINIA BEACH – Are you a pastor or leader in a church and want to expand your churches REACH for Christ and see even more people who can’t get to your church on the weekend get connected?  Email Pastor Eric and ask to see our Legacy Team information.

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