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We believe that any time you try to “develop” something, it’s going to be challenging. Developing in your faith is going to be challenging. Developing little humans into adults, aka parenting, is going to be challenging. In this episode, we strive to bring focus into your parenting and personal development by cutting through all the things we have to focus on and narrow it down to the six stages of parenting.



In this episode of Beyond The Message:

  1. An answer to “Stella’s” question; “in reference choosing relationships carefully, Jesus spent time with fools, what about reaching out to non-believers?”
  2. Beyond The Message: The Stages of Parenting.

You can listen to the teaching audio from week 1 of our parenting series here:

Beyond The Message:



In this weeks Beyond The Message segment our lead pastor, Eric Dingler, unpacks the six stages of parenting.


  1. Bonding – From birth to about six months, have fun just getting to know your baby and letting them build the understanding you are there for them.
  2. Nurture – At about six months up to 12 to 18 months add nurture to your bonding.  In this stage of parenting, you are going to lovingly help them make the transition from being the center of the world to understanding they are part of it.  The world, and more specifically, your family, can’t revolve around the new born forever.
  3. Discipline – At about age 12 to 18 months you are going to add discipline into the mix.  For the next 4 years your focus of parenting, besides bonding, nurturing, keeping them safe, clothed, and fed; is teaching them cause and effect.  They need to learn when you say no…there’s no counting; no means no, wait means wait, and yes means yes.  They need to learn they can trust you.  When you say there is going to be a consequence, there MUST be a consequence.  And the reason is huge.  If they hear you warn about the consequence that never actually happens, then when you warn them of the potential consequence of texting-and-driving, driving too fast, smoking, drinking, drugs, etc….why would they believe you?  On the other side, when they are older; and they hear that the cost of sin is separation from God, but Jesus came to pay the price of our sin…why would they believe you?  It’s not even important they understand why you are saying no at first.  Kid’s need to learn to accept your no without explanation.  Then, you can begin adding in the explanation later.
  4. Equipping / Training – Starting at about age 5 and going through age 12 or so, you are in the equipping and training stage of parenting.  In this stage, we are helping them develop the natural talents and passions that begin to emerge.  We also want to equip them with life applications lessons from the Bible. Regular reading from a kid’s Bible and memorizing scripture is key at this stage.
  5. Coaching – During the teenage years, there is a significant shift that should happen in your parenting. Conversations need to move from what just happened to what could happen next.  Teens won’t typically engage with you when you ask them “how was school.”  That’s so in the past.  Instead, center your conversations on what’s coming up.
  6. Friendship – From 18 on; you should be able to move from the position of authority to the position of influence.  Here’s where the hard work of parenting pays off.  This is when the deep friendship with your adult child can being to blossom and bring years of enjoyment and enrichment to both of your lives.



What is a tip you have for one of the stages of parenting?


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